About us

With more than 300 templates and more than 15 years of experience of its creators, FastFormat is a quality reference in the academic market.

What is it?

FastFormat is an online software for template-based document publishing whose main focus is but not limited to the writing of academic papers. The tool was created to serve a growing audience that needs to write academic texts, but sees the formatting rules and existing software as an obstacle to their work.

Models. These are the various models for formatting existing academic documents, such as: conference article, journal article, course completion papers, monographs, master’s dissertations, doctoral theses, among others. FastFormat makes use of templates so that its users don’t have to worry about text formatting and bibliographic references. Our goal is for the user to focus only on the content, after all, that’s what matters.

In addition to the benefit of automatic formatting, the documents’ template can be replaced at any time, with just a few clicks and without any harm to the content or formatting of the text. This makes it easier for people who need to submit their content to different publishing vehicles.

References. References and citations are often the most problematic points in academic writing. With that in mind, FastFormat integrates a complete solution for bibliography management, which is easily used in the document editor. Along with the Templates mechanism, the references present in a document are automatically formatted according to the chosen template, in a completely transparent way.

The team

The team that develops FastFormat and provides support to users is made up of experienced people in the academic field. We have already gone through all the difficulties inherent in producing academic and scientific texts. This experience, together with our training, allows us to provide exclusive and quality services to our users.


Our mission is to eliminate any technological complexity related to academic and scientific writing, making our users develop their full potential in the production of new knowledge.

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